The School of Music and Theater

In the School of Music and Theater, students learn fundamentals of music, dance, drama, and performance. Students can select any kind of musical instrument, including violins, cellos, and cellos and more. Students can also opt to perform on stage or in front of a live audience.

This program is a fusion of different artistic fields that create an extraordinary musical art and performance. Students can earn a degree for performing arts with an emphasis on music. The school’s goal is to educate students to perform, share their talents, and develop a genuine love for music. The School of Music and Theater emphasizes the importance of creative collaboration, group work, and critical thinking to succeed in a competitive environment.

The School of Performing Arts is comprised of nine departments.These departments include;

  • Dance,
  • Theater,
  • Piano,
  • Jazz, and
  • Rock and Roll.

Students study the history and theory of music, create works of music that is performed in special spaces and communities, and gain expertise in various areas such as technical and academic excellence, visual expression, expression of creativity, and performance ability.

Students learn about the theater and its craft.

They learn to produce audiovisual productions using video and sound. They learn how to navigate the complex world of the theater, and how to create new productions by creating their own materials. Theatre students are encouraged to collaborate with each other to create original theatre that will fascinate and excite audiences.

Students learn how to read music, take part in directing, and teach the craft. They develop their critical reading skills, as well as the ability to express themselves through music. Artistic directors teach students what they need to know in order to be successful in the world of theatrical productions.

Students develop a skill in playing a musical instrument. Students are introduced to theory in the School of Music and Theater, as well as basics in orchestration and composition. Students can also choose the type of instrument they would like to play in the future.

Students can choose to play the piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, mandolin, or any other musical instrument. As they learn to play a musical instrument, they will be prepared to work on a variety of projects that require vocal, instrumental, and vocal accompaniment. Students can also find employment after graduating from the School of Music and Theater, as well as different avenues of career advancement.

The school offers a variety of evening classes that students can choose from when class time comes around. Students can select the style of music they prefer, or learn to play multiple instruments. Students may also want to create their own projects to be done during free time in class. There are students who choose to be assistants in the school’s various musical projects.

Students choose to learn to play a musical instrument in a variety of genres.

The School of Music and Theater has four separate programs, including the School of Music, Theater, and Dance. Students can choose to enroll in the Program in Drama, Musical Performance, Performance Studies, or Music/Theatre Studies.

In addition to the classical training in the School of Music and Theater, students are taught about their abilities and limitations, as well as how to discover, experiment, and implement new forms. All students involved in this program have a faculty advisor and staff member at all times. They are also provided with practice opportunities through the School of Music and Theater’s Performance Center.

Students in the School of Music and Theater must complete the required hours in order to be admitted. Students may choose to attend either full time or part time. If the student is unable to complete the required number of hours required, they may contact the School of Music and Theater to request more time. They will be evaluated according to their effort and success in the program.

Students are required to sign up for a Masters Degree in Music and Theatre before joining the program. Those who want to continue their education by earning more than a Masters Degree can find programs in Education, Dance, and Dance Education, and Dance Management, Theater and the Opera Theater.